Wednesday, January 30, 2008

for B

thank you for making me smile.
but all i really need is someone who can make me laugh.
and the only time you made me laugh was when you asked me who ricky lee was.

i laughed not because it was funny but because in my world, everyone knows ricky lee.
it just means you can never be in my world.

thank you for those times that we spent together
when being with you was enough to get me through the day
thank you for sharing your deepest secrets,
for allowing yourself to be vulnerable
for those few intimate moments that we shared
for letting me know you inside and out
--- it only made me realize that i can't have you in my life after all.

thank you for allowing me to try new things
things i never thought i was capable of doing
things i never imagined i would be doing with you
thank you for giving me those giddy feelings
for teaching me to live my life differently
but i realized that those were just temporary moments
and i don't see myself doing them for the rest of my life...

thank you for coming into my life...
but you'd be doing me a big favor if you leave now...

you've given me something that i haven't had in a long time.
something blissful ... something i never thought i'd be experiencing again
but whatever it was we're having... it has to end.
because you may be what i really want...
but you're not what i need...
ang daming mali. ang daming hindi puwede.

kaya huwag na lang...

whatever it was that we shared, enough na sa akin iyun...
mabuti na iyong i will be remembering you with a smile
kesa naman i will be thinking of you with an aching heart...

salamat, B.

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