Wednesday, March 12, 2008

if i kiss you where it's sore...

life presents us with various lessons but everything i learned about life can be said in three words: it goes on.

and so this blog entry is for those who are struggling to go on with their lives, who are facing difficult situations at the moment, who are having a hard time coping with the challenges life brings.

to nix: i can't imagine how painful and difficult it is for you to lose a friend and a mentor but make him proud. huwag mong isiping hindi mo kayang magsulat now that he's gone. ipakita mo na hindi nasayang ang lahat ng tinuro niya sa iyo. kaya mo iyan, nix!

to john: the sudden death of your best friend was just too much to bear, lalo na ngayon na may mabigat kang dinadala emotionally plus iyong demand pa ng mga shows mo. you said you're not fine but i know you will be... soon. for the meantime, while you're still not ok, count on us, your other friends, to be there for you to make life bearable...

to bluekessa: it may be a tough decision to make but we're just here behind you, ready to support whatever choice you make. basta confident ka na sa gagawin mo, go!

to orb: i know you're supressing whatever it is you're feeling for him but what you're going through is normal. you hate him, you don't hate him. you want him, you don't want him. kaloka, no? nakaka-torment pa iyong mga ginagagawa at hindi niya ginagawa. ang hirap! pero don't worry, normal lang iyan. i wish darating ang araw na hindi ka na masyado maiinis sa sarili mo just because of what you're feeling for him. wala tayong magagawa sa kung anuman ang nararamdaman natin, meron lang tayong kontrol on how we deal with those feelings.

to mg: i wish you could be more open to us and tell us what's bothering you, and why you feel so empty lately. i miss the times when you'd share everything to me. i miss the times when you'd trust me with your secrets and problems, and give me a chance to be a better friend by cheering you up when you're down. i miss the times when a chocolate ice cream is enough to make us forget our problems for a while. i hope the choco peanut butter ice cream made you forget your depression momentarily. :)

to cba: i really hope you'd wake up one day and find yourself over him, no longer tormented by his memories. it's difficult to move on i know but maybe, if you stop hoping there's a chance for a reconcilation and let go of the idea that you will still end up with him, maybe you make things easier for you. and eventually, maybe you will be able to move on.

to myself: writing a script that is so close to what happened to you is just a test to see how you will deal with an old wound. it's a sore point for you, a sensitive issue. but your headwriter assigned you to write that, you can't complain. besides, you had nothing to do with that scene. sila ang nag-isip niyan, pinapasulat lang sa iyo. what you can do is to write from the heart, using your personal experience. puwede mo nga gamitin ang eksaktong nangyari sa tunay na buhay. kebs na kung mapanood man niya at isipin niya na hanggang ngayon, pinapakinabangan mo pa rin siya. weno ngayon? kulang pa iyan sa mga ginawa niya.

Song of the Moment: You're getting sadder, getting sadder... And I don't understand... But if I kiss you where it's sore... Will you feel better, better, better / Will you feel anything at all - Better, Regina Spektor

Quote for the Day: "Pretending to be happy when you're in pain is just an example of how strong you are as a person... still making that simple simple when every part of you dies," another forwarded text message.

What I Learned Recently: Life goes on...

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