Friday, June 13, 2008


you know you're really over someone when the day you used to think of as monumental came and went without you even noticing it.

you weren't busy that day. you had no script deadline. no meetings. no tapings. you just didn't remember.

two years ago, your life changed.
last year, you were emotional (you even wrote several entries about it on your secret blog).
this year, you forgot about what that day meant.

belated happy independence day. the day you thought would never come finally happened... you're finally free from him and his memories.

(am blogging this thru my phone. tinatamad akong magbukas ng laptop e. i wonder how this will look like...)


mhiko said...

hello ms. noreen!

i just want to know the quote from anonymous in your song's i'll take care of you..i forgot to watch the episode (june 15,2008).hindi ko po nakuha yung qoute,i was wondering if you know po..thanks po!
take care po and God bless!!!


noreen said...

hindi anonymous iyun. nagkamali lang sila. it was actually a text message to me by my best friend when i was going through a heart problem.

ito ba iyun? --> "when letting go becomes less painful than holding on, then that's the time to give up."

mhiko said...

thanks ms.noreen!
ang your song lang po ang pinapanood ko!hindi po ko channel 2 viewer!but it was the niciest program of abscbn.
take care po and more power!

selenakyle said...

hi noringai,

you don't know me but i occasionally read your blog (from the link on your peyups signature). ang galeng, sobrang relate ako. my life-changing experience didn't happen in june, more like... may-ish. and it was three years ago, the tailend of, like, an 11-year thing. i never thought i would wake up to a day that i'm over it, either but i am! just this year.

belated happy freedom day to you, too!

selenakyle (from peyups)

noreen said...


ang sarap ng feeling to realize na you are over someone/something you thought you could never let go. wala lang. :)

ang liberating. :D