Sunday, June 8, 2008

while i was sleeping...

it's funny how things happen while you are sleeping and when you wake up, you realize that you have been overtaken by certain events.

went home around 4 am last saturday. got a text from our cm that the fantaserye meeting set on that day was cancelled. so i texted my friend ilai to ask her if she wanted us to meet that day (since i wouldn't be doing anything). ilai said she's not feeling well, and that she'd go home immediately after her shift.

and so i went to sleep.

i woke up at 11am. got eight text messages. one of them was from ilai who said she's feeling better and that she'd be going to trinoma and we can meet for lunch. but another text message was from my ys headwriter who asked me to write two scripts due in two days...

i told claring, "grabe. natulog lang ako, pag gising ko, may deadline na ako..."

is this my karma?

you see, a few weeks ago, while i was attending a meeting in abs, i was asked to write week 3 of the fantaserye. i had to beg off because i was still writing your song and volunteered my friend/co-writer/housemate claring to do week 3 instead.

claring was taking her afternoon nap that time and when she woke up, she found several text messages informing her that she would be writing week 3.

she told me, "hayup ka. natulog lang ako, pag-gising ko, naplano na pala buhay ko..."

ambilis ng karma, claring!

it's almost 7 in the morning. i haven't gotten any sleep. i need to finish the script which i will be submitting tomorrow. six sequences down, 54 to go.

aaaaaaargh! i wasn't even supposed to write for next episode! but since i have nothing to do over the weekend, i couldn't refuse... at ano pa nga ba magagawa ko... heto na, naplano na buhay ko!


i am lusting over this new hp notebook that is so small and so light. yesterday, i just heard about it from claring and last night, i saw it... tinna just bought one for her and i tried it... shet, bagay sa kamay ko ang keyboard! im drooling kaso wala pa ako karapatan bumili because i just bought a new phone.

and then i realize... iyong makukuha kong tf sa script na ginagawa ko ay sakto lang pambili ng bagong laptop.

sige, okay lang na something happened while i was sleeping... okay lang na pag-gising ko, biglang may deadline na pala ako. kung ang kapalit naman nito ay laptop, keri lang...

wish ko lang matapos ko ang script. if i stop blogging and go back to writing, siguro matatapos ko siya on time.

pero parang gusto ko matulog muna... baka may magandang mangyari uli while i am asleep. :)

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