Sunday, August 24, 2008

birthday ko ngayon

birthday ko ngayon.

am blogging via my phone.

dito ako ngayon sa airport waiting for my flight to davao. this wasnt part of my bday celeb but i have to go home. my father was rushed to the hospital this morning. he's in the icu now.

pagkatapos ko ma-depress kahapon dahil sa nabalitaan ko, pagkatapos ko maglasing at magpakasaya kagabi sa party ko, di ko na alam how to feel now.

pero isa lang ang sigurado ako... i have good friends around me - claring, who packed my bag, helped arrange my flight, prepared my food and gave me a comforting hug; bim, who drove me to the airport; atty che, who's going to fetch me later; and to those who showed their concerns and are praying with me.


raine said...

fan lang po. hope things are okay. i experienced something similar this year. with my mom naman, and just two days before my dad's birthday.

michiepie said...

hi Ms. N, sorry was too preoccupied w/ all my personal drama, i forgot to greet you on your birthday, belated happy birthday (promise babawi po ako)... Get Well Soon to your dad, ill pray for him!