Tuesday, June 2, 2009

the letter E

kapag hindi ka mahal ng taong mahal mo, ikaw iyong letter E sa word na LOVE. nandiyan ka pero hindi pino-pronounce.

it was just a forwarded text message pero ang daming naka-relate noong nilagay ko sa FB. napakarami bang letter E sa mundo?


am watching you've got mail on hbo right now. i have seen this movie several times before but whenever i'd catch it on cable, i'd still watch it...

i remember 10 to 9 years ago, i met someone online. he was a law student then. we hit it off really well. we were exchanging emails, parang si shopgirl at si ny152 sa movie. kung anu-ano lang pinag-uusapan namin. until we became text mates. we'd talk about music, movies, tv shows... we'd talk about our lives... the exchange lasted for more than a year before we finally agreed to meet.

no, i wasn't thinking he could be the tom hanks in my life... but while watching the movie again, ang dami ko na-realize.... isa na doon...tumatanda na ako...

noong bata pa ako, ang yabang ko pa... "i am single by choice." ang dami kong inaayawan. ang dami kong pinalampas. ayoko sa kanya kasi: he wears yellow socks. he has p-f deficiency. he is boring. he looks like balut.

when i was younger (and several pounds lighter), strangers would approach me sa bar to talk to me, and ask for my name and my number. may isa pa nakipag-usap sa akin habang kumukuha ako ng tissue paper sa sm megamall at sinabing i look familiar. his line was "i never forget a face..."

and then suddenly, i wake up one day and im in my 30s na.

i'm not saying nagsisisi ako sa mga lalakeng pinalampas ko. it's just that, sometimes, you have to give someone another chance. hindi iyong biglang mong i-di-dismiss dahil may nakita kang mali....

now, natuto na ako...


everytime i get to watch you've got mail.... lagi akong nakaka-relate sa line dun na

"is there someone else?"
"no. but there's a dream of someone..."

tiyempong kapag napapanood ko... meron akong "dream of someone..."

pero no expectations whatsoever. one day at a time. basta nangingiti lang ako. period. :)

song of the moment: anyone at all - OST ng you've got mail.

quote for the day: "i wanted it so much to be you," meg ryan to tom hanks in you've got mail.

what i learned recently: everyone deserves a second chance


Anonymous said...

i saw the movie on my 19th bday. sa sm north. may hawak akong long stemmed yellow rose. mahal ko yung kasama kong nanood. hindi sa kanya galing yung bulaklak. tsk. :)


raissa said...

Agree ako sa "what have you learned lately" mo. Just recently someone made me realize things na tama everyone deserves a second chance even us who at one point in time was so sure that we are already who we are and set in our ways pero hindi naman pala. Sabi rin niya sa akin na burahin ko daw sa vocab ko ang "i know" kasi it shows intellectual pride which shuts off people. Tagos!

I used to say rin na "I am single by choice". In fact I have a shirt that says just that. Pinamigay ko na. sabi opportunity only knocks once daw, para siyang breeze sabi sa Boys Over Flowers pero mas gusto kong maniwala sa "A Walk To Remember" na "love is like a wind, you dont see it but you feel it", most importantly its all around and we need it to live. =) Its a matter of capturing the one for us.

Parang gusto kong ulitin ang "You've Got Mail"

tintin said...

sana ako din, sana i deserve a second chance din..

noreen said...

WTRFWL, tsk... si A ba ito? tsk uli...

RAISSA... korek ka sa love is like a wind... sabi nga sa kanta, sometimes it blows your way... "and until now, it missed me somehow..."

TINTIN... lahat tayo, nabibigyan ng second chance... naniniwala ako dyan ;)

Rej said...

i am a single by choice.

ang yabang ko pa sa ngayon. ganyan pa rin kaya ang pananaw ko when i reach 30's. hehe!!!

shiva said...


kaya pala i haven't seen any of your posts lately, you stopped putting them on multiply :) now i can be updated again!

i come from a different background. i gave a person two years' worth of a chance. in hindsight, i learned to always trust my instincts. chances are, it's always right. and if it isn't, no room for regret coz there must be something greater when we choose not to take up on the opportunity before us.

i guess it's a case to case basis, too -- but more often than not, it's time that will give us that second chance. if it didn't work out the first time around (or nothing materialized for that matter), there must be a reason why, no matter how insignificant.

it's always good to know that over time, we have learned to choose wisely. at least, that's my lesson learned for myself. i haven't reached my 30's yet and perhaps when i do, my position might change. but let's all remain hopeful that we'll all find our happily-ever-after, with or without prince charming.

that's what most fairy tales failed to teach us: that we don't need SOMEBODY to be happy because sometimes, we're better off to be on our own :)