Thursday, December 31, 2009

fine time in 2009

for those who have been reading my blog for years now, i'm sure you all know what this entry is all about -- year-ender entry ko ito.

2007 was a year of drastic changes and decisions. said goodbye to someone. had my worst heartache. but before the year ended, i finally moved on and let go. i also left my corporate job and finally took the plunge at nag full time na sa abs-cbn.

2008 was a year of bad news. sa career (shows got cancelled, shows that ended). sa lovelife (guy in 2007 got married). at sa family -- that's the year we found out my tatay had lung cancer.

if i were to summarize my 2009 in one word -- it's fine. iyun nga eh. fine lang siya. hindi siya great. or exciting. or amazing. it's just fine. pero at least it's not bad. or blah. or black. it's fine. okay na rin...

january - endings and beginnings

sabi sa benjamin button which i watched this month, "our lives are defined by opportunities... even those we missed."

natapos na ang my only hope, the longest your song episode ever. tuluyan na ring nawala ang utoy, ang kauna-unahang teleserye na sinulat ko. but then, was offered a new show and was busy with a your song episode na sobrang nagpa-drain sa akin dahil sumabay ang deadline sa kasal ng best friend kong si bim.

on january 22, i was so tired and down and on the verge of crying, tapos na-cancel pa ang isang creative meeting. i went to production office to kill time at nag-internet and got an email that really made me forget all my problems... "C added you as a friend in facebook." wala kaming mutual friend that time. i assumed hinanap niya. feelingera much? hayaan nyo na...

speaking of fb, nagkaroon ng malaking issue because of something that i posted in my fb status. sobrang nag-worry talaga ako at feeling ko nanganib ang work ko.

february- on hold

the new show got on hold at sobrang nalungkot talaga ako. but the next day, direk joey offered a new show to me -- george and cecil. pero concept stage pa lang. pati ang underage, kino-conceptualize na by this time. nami-miss ko maging ngarag. kasi sobrang wala akong ginagawa this month.

march - music and creativity

earlier this month, nagkaroon kami ng pitching for new shows in astoria. batuhan ng concept at idea. brainstorm ng mga bagong shows.

watched eraserheads' final concert with friends. i was part of history!

nagkaroon ng story conference for george and cecil. this is it. tuloy na tuloy na. nagsimula na rin kami ng pag-buo ng boystown. and this month, tinawagan ako at sinabing kasama ako sa rubi.

april - break and blessings

was in davao for holy week. while i was in davao, i learned that we would be doing katorse for our next your song episode. ito ang month na sobrang ngarag ako... ayan, kasi i was asking for it, binigay ng tadhana -- nagkasabay-sabay mga meetings ng katorse, rubi, boystown at george. pero am not complaining... salamat lord, sa blessings :)

may - boys and boon

"you pick up guys that are smart and funny and they leave you for someone less complicated," from 30 rock.

nag pilot ang boystown at naging chummy-chummy with the gigger boys. this month, we learned na dahil nagandahan ang management sa preview, magiging soap na ang katorse. supposedly ay afternoon soap lang siya. nagkaroon ng story conference for rubi and domoble ang kangaragan. hindi ko na kaya ito -- i had to give up one show... i resigned from your song, my show for three years :(

june - the letter E

"kapag di ka mahal ng taong mahal mo, ikaw ang letter e sa word na love, andyan ka pero di prino-pronounce."

dapat june ipapalabas si nene. june 8 supposedly. pero naurong. pinalabas ang george n cecil ng june 7.

this month, the creative team of katorse decided to include a new character -- thus, john joseph wenceslao was born. that time, we didn't know who the actor would be but we all knew his role would really be colorful.

july - liberation

it's cinemalaya month. watched sanglaan, engkwentro and last supper no 3. thought of joining the next cinemalaya because got inspired with the films i saw.

started tweeting sa twitter. it was fun. decided to tweet things i couldn't say in my fb status. what a liberating experience.

bought a new laptop -- may kapatid na si nico! called my new laptop scarlet because of its color.

this month, i learned that C is in a relationship. walang kinalaman iyun kung bakit ako na-ER :)

sermon ng pari sa isang misa na na-attend-an ko this month, "sometimes, we are afraid of solitude because silence can be revealing. in silence, we learn things we don't know or don't want to know about ourselves."

august - beautiful

august 24 was the most beautiful day in the universe -- iyan ang sabi ng kapamilya network. kasi aug 24 ang miss universe, tapos pilot ng katorse. at birthday ko. beautiful!!!

went to davao for kadayawan. debut ng anak ng kuya ko. at dahil sa kadayawan, naging textmates kami ni enchong dee. he gave me his number kasi nasa davao din sila for kadayawan. pinuntahan namin sila sa hotel. andito ang buong kuwento. :)

nabembang ako this month. sobrang bothered ako. pero na-realize ko na it's part of work. it's normal to be scared, or hurt, or insecure... because it is part of being human.

the month ended with a victory party for katorse dahil sa taas ng ratings namin. beautiful month indeed.

september - weather-weather lang

a high school friend i haven't seen for three years asked me in YM, "kumusta lovelife?" and i answered, "parang coke... zero!"

did something for the first time. :) naghasik ng lagim si ondoy. and na-extend ang katorse for 10 more weeks.

october - kasentihan and kakiligan

kasentihan dahil sa 500 days of summer. at kinilig dahil sa isang "what if" na tanong...

november - celebration

after ten years, i saw my byline again in a glossy magazine -- i wrote an article for star studio magazine.

went to enchanted kingdom for katorse taping. attended the birthday party of our big boss. and star awards was held kung saan my only hope won.

december - kapamilya

wrote my last script for katorse and my last script for george and cecil. nakakalungkot. nakakaiyak.

umuwi again sa davao for my parents' 45th anniversary. kumpleto ang buong family.

kabi-kabilang party bago ang christmas vacation. and then, umuwi uli ng davao. panlima na this year.

masayang christmas day with the whole family. high school reunion. si C. ang saya :)

that sums up my 2009... fine lang siya. pero sa 2010, kine-claim ko... akin ka 2010. akin ka!!!

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