Friday, April 16, 2010

ayoko ng entry na ito!!!

remember that time when we went out drinking and the bar was closing and still, we didn't want to go home yet? you were about to take me home but you changed your mind and we sat just outside the bar and watched people pass by along edsa. and we made up stories about every person who walked in front of us... that was fun.

remember that time we were attending mass and the priest said something in his sermon and as if on cue, we looked at each other and smiled, trying to suppress our laughter. we didn't have to say anything to each other to make each other laugh. that was fun.

remember that time when we were about to sleep but you weren't sleepy yet so you kept on talking and talking. when you sensed that i was about to doze off, you decided to play a game. "pahulaan tayo ng kanta," you said. you knew singing was my weakness and that i was very competitive so that kept us awake the whole night. until we heard the sound of the first trip of mrt. that was fun.

remember that time when you waited for me while i was in a meeting at 11pm in starbucks abs? and then we walked from abs-cbn to mister kebab quezon ave and i treated you shawarma because you wanted to bring me home. while we were eating, you told me something you've never told anyone -- it's about you and your father. and then you said, i was the only person who had known you completly and asked, "meron ka pa kayang hindi alam sa buhay ko?" that was poignant.

you again appeared in my dream last night. i wasn't even thinking about you but that dream... that dream brought back lots of memories. fun fun memories...

there's one word for this: relapse.

song of the moment: "what am i supposed to do when the best part of me was always you. and what am i supposed to say when i'm all choked up and you're okay," - the script, breakeven

quote for the day: "sabi nila, 'God is closest to those with broken hearts.' kaya pala close na close kami ni God," tweet at fb status ko.

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Ilai said...

kilala ko ata to, a...hmmm...kaya may word na RELAPSE to describe moments like this. Hehehe!