Tuesday, July 19, 2011

dear alex

this time last year, we were already "twitter friends." i still remember the first time we talked... it was april last year. i presented the story of your new soap and i noticed you were listening intently, even reacting every now and then as i narrated the story of our new show.

after the presentation, while i was getting food at the table, you walked behind me. and i told you, "fina-follow kita sa twitter." we weren't formally introduced but i mustered all my courage to talk to you. i never expected you'd be so friendly as i blabbered about how i enjoyed reading your tweets. that night, you "followed" me on twitter.

you weren't the first celebrity who followed me on twitter, but you were the most memorable. you see, before our first meeting, you were already one of my favorite stars. ive always admired your acting prowess since your first movie. when a friend and i conceptualized an indie film, you were the only actress we had in mind. plus, i liked your personality, your spunk, and how you express what you feel, regardless of what other people think or say about you. i was surprised to find an old blog entry about you and your lovelife in 2006, and how i could relate to you... even before we met, there was a reason why i was drawn to you. so when you transferred to the kapamilya network in 2008, it had been my dream to write for you.

when we started developing the new show, Geena Rallos was already my favorite character. imagine how ecstatic i was when i learned you would be playing Geena Rallos. hands down, you were perfect. no other actress could give justice to the role.

not everyone knew that we almost lost you. i still have the dm you sent me, saying goodbye because you'd no longer play the role, and wishing we'd work again soon. i cried when it was confirmed that another actress would play Geena Rallos. but i didn't lose hope. i prayed. and indeed, when something is meant for you, whatever happens, it will be yours... and so, you were back. you told me, "para lang ako nakipagbalikan sa dyowa."

that got me inspired to write Geena Rallos' story. before writing your dialogues, i'd listen to heartbreaking songs to get me in the mood. we were exchanging song titles in twitter and music connected us more. surprisingly, despite our age gap, we had the same taste in music. and i was elated that you sent me the song that you composed for the show.

through twitter, texts, music, and Geena Rallos, we became more than "workmates." when i was hospitalized, you visited me. your mother never ceased to send me messages and pray for me. you had pasalubong for me after your trip to korea. you shared your experiences and stories to me. and the more you talked about your life, the more i realized we were so alike -- you were the sexier, prettier and younger version of me.

when you invited me to your house to have dinner with you and your mother, that was when i realized how special our friendship is. and as i got to know you better, i admired you more... not only because you're a talented actress, but because you're one of the kindest persons i've met. i told your mother she did well in raising such a wonderful daughter.

not everyone is lucky to know the real you. and i feel bad for those who think that just because you speak your mind, just because you're loud and frank and assertive, they start to judge who you really are. they don't know that behind the mataray features and the acerbic tongue is a person with a benevolent heart, a woman with all the right values in tact. and im blessed that i was given the chance to become your friend.

you turn a year older today. everyone has been greeting you and wishing you'd find the one. i wish you more than finding the man you deserve. i wish you peace of mind, happiness, and love from all your family and friends. you are a blessing to everyone around you, you have been making us happy by just being you and i know, in time, God will grant you your heart's desire. you're a wonderful person and you deserve to have all the good things in life.

thank you for the superb portrayal of the role of Geena Rallos. thank you for being a friend to me. thank you for making me laugh with all your tweets and hirits. thank you for your trust and confidence in me. but most of all, thank you for making me believe that in this showbiz world of hypocrisy and pretensions, there are still people like you -- good-hearted, real, generous and virtuous. there are still a few real artists who can be loyal and true friends, amidst the network wars and competing shows.

happy birthday, alessandra de rossi. hope to work with you again in the future.


Ilai said...

From all your kwento about Alex, I feel as if I know her already...and I know that she's an amazing person even without meeting her. I also follow her on Twitter at nakiki-comment pa sa mga tweets nya...hahaha! Happy birthday to her (although binati ko rin sya sa Twitter nya....hahaha...atribida lang!)

Jhen said...

Thanks for sharing this really touching blog entry about alex Ms. Noreen. Nakakaiyak indeed. Mahal namin sya, at lalo pa naming minahal dahil sa blog mong ito. Bihira ang ganyang klaseng tao. ;) Godbless you Ms. Noreen. Spread the ALEX love.... ❤❤❤

IamCheLopez said...

Ms. Noreen, super duper agree ako sa lahat ng sinabi mo about Alex. She's indeed one of a kind. one of the few na masasabi mong TOTOONG TAO sa mundo ng di mo alam kung sino ang totoo. She's more than an actress. Basta saludo ako sa kanya at mahal sya ng pamilya ko. God bless her and God bless those who believe in her. :)

Rick Isidro said...

I've never met her, but Alex seems to be a nice and sweet person because in show business, one better have a tough skin... thank you for sharing your personal encounter with her and describing what she is like in real life. God bless you Alex and Ms. Noreen.

aamengay said...

This is so touching Ms. Noreen! I've fell in love with you and Alex even more after reading this. I was touched by how you let other people know who is the real Alessandra De Rossi, the one who the two of us admire. Thank you for sharing the Alex as a friend, to us fan. I love you both, Geena Rallos. ♥

Micamyx said...

I am also a fan of Alessandra de Rossi and dream ko rin makapagsulat for tv and movies. Naalala ko when I first read the novel 'No Boyfriend Since Birth', si Alex ang naisip ko na mag-play ng lead role. I'm glad na siya rin pinili sa TV version hehe :D This entry is full of heart. I also admire her as a musician and her tumblr page is superb. She's lucky to have friends like you. Sana makapagtrabaho kayo ulit soon. Bonggang-bongga for sure lalo na kung galing sa puso ang script. :D