Tuesday, November 1, 2011


today is 11-1-11.

allergic na ako sa ganyang date. you see, my close friends remember that was my last fb status before i was rushed to the icu last january. "1:11 1.1.11" i posted the same thing at around 1 am in my twitter, before i tweeted my last post "antokyo, japan"

never really realized it but even my friends were traumatized about what happened to me.

i was chatting with claring the other day and i said, "tulog na ako... antokyo, japan na." and she said, "huwag kang ganyan! yan ang huling tweet mo bago ka na-ICU."

there were so many lessons i learned from that fateful day pero ang pinaka nag-stick sa akin, if you die, people will always remember what you said or did last before you passed on.

i'm very grateful that i'm alive and writing this blog entry but had i died that day, my last tweet would be "antokyo, japan."

anong point ng entry na ito? we don't know when we will die... we don't know if what we said, we tweeted, we texted, or posted in FB would be our last... and it's very important not to say, text, tweet or post something we don't want people to remember us by.

how i met your mother had this episode when marshall's dad died and he was recalling the last words his father told him. everyone also thought about their last words to their parents, and vice versa. that got me into thinking... i couldn't remember what my father's last words to me were. but i believe i told him thank you and i love you hours before he died. i also said, "pahinga ka na kung pagod ka na... "

may this be a reminder to those posting hurtful and angry tweets, those who always complain and rant and vent out angsts in their fb walls, those who enjoy cyber-bullying and maligning people on the web... you don't want those negative words to stick with you when you're gone, do you?

today is 11.1.11. my last fb status was "happy birthday to one of the kindest and most generous actors i've known, coco martin." my last tweet was about my bbm conversation with jessy mendiola. and my last text message had something to do with my email address.

what were yours?


ihcahieh said...

Interesting post. We really won't know when we would finally go. Buti na lang wala na akong Twitter, lol. FB na lang talaga at ang huling status update ko is: "Okay then, I'm game. Let's see how far we can stretch the limitations of fate." Ayan, kaya pag ako biglang natodas iisipin ng mga tao I did something drastic, LOL. Buti na nga lang iba na ang itsura ng Peyups ngayon, nakakatamad mag post. At least sa FB na lang ako nagkakalat, haha.


noreen said...

ihcahieh, whatever happened to peyups? bakit nga ganun ang ang hitsura niya? when i checked, 2010 pa ang last posts... and, your latest fb status is remarkable if it becomes your last :) pero wag muna, di mo pa nahahanap o nalalaman ang gusto mo mangyari sa buhay mo :p

ihcahieh said...

So true, hahaha. Ewan ko sa Peyups, parang nag migrate sila ng system to Wordpress. Nakakasawa na rin mag adjust ng pabago bagong platform so Peyups holiday muna ako.