Wednesday, February 29, 2012

humabol sa valentine's

before going to the walang hanggan thanksgiving party earlier, three people commented i look good tonight. one of them was a cutie director who said "wow" when he saw me, and the others were production people who asked "bakit blooming ka?" and "bakit ang ganda mo ngayon?"

it must be the red lipstick or the three-inch-stilettos or the new girlie red blouse i was wearing or maybe it was my bagong-plantsa hair. whatever it was, i must be exuding something unusual because the boss' secretary told me, "teh, nararamdaman ko, magkaka-boyfriend ka ngayong gabi!" to which i replied, "anu teh, waiter?"

i knew it was going to be an intimate party for the cast, staff and crew, where most men were either gay or taken. there's no chance of me having an actor as a boyfriend so that leaves me with the restaurant's waiters.

she said, "manager naman teh, o kaya may-ari ng restaurant."

a few minutes after, i went to a friend's workstation and she asked me, "gusto mo ba ng ka-date? may ire-reto ako." she wanted to give me a phone number written in a post-it. "magsimula lang kayo na textmates, tapos mag-date kayo" and i just laughed at her and said, "hindi ako nagte-textmate eh. saka hindi ako naniniwala sa reto."

my friend was so insistent that even when we were already at the party, she was prodding me. "sige na, textmates lang. guwapo ito, na-screen ko na. mabait, etc, etc." so i finally gave in and said, "sige na nga. akina ang number. ilang taon na ba iyan?"

she answered, "25." and i said, "ay, ibigay mo na lang sa iba."

hindi na ako mahilig sa bata. last na iyong kay B, who was eight years younger. kung papatol man ako sa bata, hanggang 6 years na lang ang limit ko, kaya hindi na aabot ang 25.

a few weeks ago, i remember talking to someone who said at this age, hindi na ako dapat maging choosy. kahit sino na lang, go na. and i said, "umabot ako sa ganitong edad na single, ngayon pa ba ako magse-settle sa kahit sino na lang?"

today is the last day of february. hindi ako nag-rant tungkol sa valentine's, wala akong entry ng kasentihan buong pebrero, except for this... humabol pa! buti na lang, marso na bukas.

i would have wanted to write something about unofficially yours. pero huwag na lang... kung anu iyong mga sinabi ni jessica zafra about the movie, i share the same sentiments. i didn't like the movie... for me, it was overrated... napaka unrealistic.

or maybe i'm just jaded? gash.

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