Saturday, July 20, 2013

whiny, self-absorbed, immature and poorly written...

while writing a script tonight, i got bored and i googled noringai. and i found something that was written six months ago.
a certain website had its feature about bloggers. a male friend (hey you, i know who you are. your name was posted there!) commented "try any woman can relate to's a nice read as well...there are lessons to be learned there."
and somebody replied with:
I Beg to Disagree
I just visited that blog and the posts all seem to be so whiny, self-absorbed, immature, and poorly written. But then that's just my opinion. As a matter of fact, your writing pattern is the same as the blogger's writing pattern. Mahilig kayo sa ellipsis. Baka naman ikaw lang din yan trying to promote your blog? No, thank you. Sorry talaga, I had to tell the truth...

napagkamalan pa tuloy akong nagself-promote. kalokah.

whiny. check. this is my blog. i can whine all i want, right?

self-absorbed. check. again, blog ko ito eh. ano ba isusulat ko? di siyempre tungkol sa buhay ko. alangan naman magsulat ako tungkol sa ibang tao? tsismis na iyun.

immature. ummm... i'd like to think there's maturity in my writing now. siguro naman nagbago na ang writing ko as i grow older.

poorly written? ah diyan naman ako hindi agree. excuse me. informal style. hindi nagka-capital letter. pero that doesn't qualify as poorly written. 

natawa lang ako. gusto ko tuloy mag-register sa website na iyun para sagutin ang nag-post na iyun. but then, kebs na.

baka nga naman kailangan ko ng reality check. sa mga sumusubaybay ng blog ko at alam ang style ko, tanggap nila ako for who i am. whiny, and all. pero sa mga bago, siyempre, iyun ang impression nila.

but do i really mind what other people think about me and my blog? should i get affected?

and my answer is no..

nagba-blog ako for myself. hindi para sa ibang tao. nagkakataon lang na may ibang nakaka-relate. o nakakaintindi. o nakakapulot ng something. i've been doing this for years. hit or miss. madalas walang kwenta. pero madalas, may matututunan ka naman...

oo, i am whiny, self-absorbed, and sometimes, immature. but this whiny, self-absorbed and immature blogger is coming out with a book. then maybe i must be doing something right...


ihcahieh said...

Hahaha, wag na patulan ang haters. Hindi nauubos yang mga yan.

Ilai said...

Whatever, kamo, and talk to the hand! Hmpf.

There will be haters because you cannot please everybody but that's social media for you. Everybody is entitled to their opinion and frankly, their opinion didn't, doesn't and will not matter. The people who know you best can tell you what does.

And oh yeah, you're coming out with a book (several, in fact) and they're there! Hahaha!